Alex Carrega

Ph.D. IT & Network Engineer

Curriculum vitae

+39 348-74.85.497

TNT Lab @ UniGe


via Opera Pia 13, 16154 Genoa, Italy



The vision of NEPHELE is to enable the efficient, reliable and secure end-to-end orchestration of hyper-distributed applications over programmable infrastructure that is spanning across the compute continuum from Cloud-to-Edge-to-IoT, removing existing openness and interoperability barriers in the convergence of IoT technologies against cloud and edge computing orchestration platforms, and introducing automation and decentralized intelligence mechanisms powered by 5G and distributed AI technologies.
In this respect, it is worth noting that there are different levels of access and control on IoT devices, edge and cloud computing resources that are managed by different platforms or providers
Furthermore, as applications become more distributed, the coherence of failures begins to decrease, while the distance between cause and effect increases.
A meta-orchestration level is required for enabling the synergy among different orchestration systems/platforms by generalizing and modelling their orchestration modules.
In NEPHELE, the meta-orchestration framework will follow a “system of systems” approach, where a set of complex systems (orchestration modules in the various parts of the continuum) are managed by a large-scale concurrent and distributed system.
Technological advances in the areas of 5G and beyond networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity are going to be considered and integrated as additional pluggablesystems” in the proposed synergetic meta-orchestration framework.
Main responsibilities
  • LEADER of WP3Virtual Object Stack Development”.
  • LEADER of T3.3IoT Device Virtualized and Supportive Functions”.
  • LEADER of T4.5Compute Continuum Network Management”. 
  • LEADER of D3.2Final Release of VOStack Layers and Intelligence Mechanisms on IoT Devices”.

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