Alex Carrega

Ph.D. IT & Network Engineer

+39 348-74.85.497

TNT Lab @ UniGe


via Opera Pia 13, 16154 Genoa, Italy


Security in 5G and beyond 
This project focuses on the security of 5G architecture and its evolution towards 6G, with a scope that covers security, privacy, and availability challenges across various domains of 5G architecture
These include the air interface, Multi-access Edge Computing, transport infrastructure, virtualized core network functions, and management and orchestration.
The project combines long-term 6G-oriented research with short-term vulnerability assessments and security assurance for upcoming 5G deployments.
It specifically covers emerging localization techniques, air interface assessment tools, secure integration of non-3GPP access technologies, protection against massive IoT botnet DDoS attacks, privacy threats posed by emerging wireless sensing technologies, security automation and orchestration, and more.
The project also aims to assist decision-making bodies in Italy, who are expected to establish a certification scheme for 5G, by developing and evaluating different security assurance and testing schemes in realistic environments.

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