Alex Carrega

Ph.D. IT & Network Engineer

+39 348-74.85.497

TNT Lab @ UniGe


via Opera Pia 13, 16154 Genoa, Italy



A Novel Reconfigurable By Design Highly Distributed Applications Development Paradigm Over Programmable Infrastructure
📅 2014-2017
📈 H2020 RIA   🇪🇺
🏦 Lender: 🇪🇺 UE
📏 Dimension: 9 partners
💶 Financing: € 3.543.864,00
       ⤷ 🏬 Genoa RU 🇮🇹: € 360.415,54
🏷 Roles:
       ⤷ Researcher
       ⤷ Key Person
       ⤷ WP Leader
ARCADIA is a research project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program. The project, started in Junuary 2015, aims to provide a novel reconfigurable by design highly distributed applications’ development paradigm over programmable infrastructure. The objective is to facilitate application developers to develop software that is able to benefit of the underlying infrastructure, while in parallel support the deployment and dynamic configuration of applications in an optimal and autonomic manner.